#LocalGovMatters – Women in Office

This week Gwyn is joined by Jennifer Erickson, the Sauk County UW-Extension Community Development Educator and Dan Hill, the Local Government Specialist for UW-Extension.

The podcast focuses on some of the research done at UW-Extension to look at women running for office. Encouraging Women to Run for Local Office was the title of one of their releases. There is an article in the November 2018 Municipality, and several helpful links on the League of Municipalities website, including a sheet helping to recruit.

The three start off the podcast by talking about what are some of the major barriers preventing women from running for office.

One point that Gwyn highlights in the podcast is that Jennifer and Dan’s survey focuses on local elected officials, not at the state legislative level. While state elected officials have staff and support systems, local elected officials usually don’t have their own staff, and boards sometimes rely heavily on clerks.

Dan and Jennifer do a great job of walking through what the barriers are to women running for office and what can be done to help eliminate those barriers.

Thank you to The League of Wisconsin Municipalities and Wisconsin Counties Association for working with me on this podcast.  And thanks to Jackie Johnson for doing all our sound editing.

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