WHEELERweek – Generation X & WI Future Caucus

As published by The Wheeler Report – Friday, March 24, 1995

Speaker Prossser announced appointment of a “Generation X” committee, headed by Reps. Mike Huesbch and Tim Hoven.

From the March 20, 1995 Assembly Journal:

Charles R. Sanders
Assistant Chief Clerk
Wisconsin State Assembly
1 East Main Street, Suite 402
Madison, WI 53708

Dear Mr. Sanders:

Pursuant to the authority conferred upon me as Assembly Speaker by Assembly Rule 10(2), I wish to inform you that I hereby order the creation of a temporary Special Committee on Generation Next. On April 4, 1995, in accordance with Assembly Rule 10(1m), an Assembly Resolution will be introduced to create the Special Committee on Generation Next. At that time the temporary special committee of the same name will cease to exist.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Very truly yours,


Assembly Speaker

AR-19 was introduced on April 3, 1995 to create a Generation Next Assembly committee.  According to the resolution language, “The special committee shall study how the economy and government affect persons age 18 to 30 and prepare legislation carrying out its recommendations if any.”

The resolution was referred to the April 5 Assembly calendar and was laid on the table on a 54-43 vote.

From the April 5, 1995 Assembly Journal:

Assembly Resolution 19

Relating to: creating an Assembly special committee on generation next.

Representative Prosser asked unanimous consent that Assembly Resolution 19 be laid on the table.

Representative Schneider objected.

Representative Prosser moved that Assembly Resolution 19 be laid on the table.

The question was: Shall Assembly Resolution 19 be laid on the table?

The roll was taken.

The result follows:

Ayes – Representatives Ainsworth, Albers, Brancel, Brandemuehl, Carpenter, Coleman, Dobyns, Duff, Foti, Freese, Gard, Goetsch, Green, Grothman, Gunderson, Hahn, Handrick, Harsdorf, Hoven, Huebsch, Hutchison, Jensen, Johnsrud, Kaufert, Kelso, Klusman, Kreibich, F. Lasee, Lazich, Lehman, Lorge, Musser, Nass, Olsen, Ott, Otte, Ourada, Owens, Porter, Powers, Schneiders, Seratti, Silbaugh, Skindrud, Underheim, Urban, Vrakas, Walker, Ward, Wasserman, Wood, Ziegelbauer, Zukowski and Speaker Prosser – 54.

Noes – Representatives Baldus, Baldwin, Baumgart, Bell, Black, Bock, Boyle, Cullen, Dueholm, Grobschmidt, Gronemus, Hanson, Hasenohrl, Huber, Hubler, Kreuser, Krug, Krusick, Kunicki, La Fave, Linton, Meyer, Morris-Tatum, Murat, Notestein, Plache, Plombon, R. Potter, Reynolds, Riley, Robson, Rutkowski, Ryba, Schneider, Springer, Travis, Turner, Vander Loop, Wilder, Williams, Wirch, L. Young and R. Young – 43.

Absent or not voting – Representatives Coggs and Ladwig – 2.

Motion carried.


And Today …

Reps. Stuck, and Neylon announced the Wisconsin’s Future Caucus on September 20, 2017.  According to a Millennial Action Project release the caucus is made up of legislators under the age of 45.

The release states: “The announcement is part of a nation-wide movement in state houses across the country where young legislators are seeking to find common ground and create meaningful progress through government Institutions.”