WHEELERweek – State Office Locations

As published by The Wheeler Report – Saturday, March 21, 1992

Rep. Peter Barca (D-Kenosha) and Barbara Linton (D-Highbridge) called for an Audit Bureau evaluation of relocating some state offices to cities around the state.  The legislators say offices should be spread around Wisconsin, so citizens have better access to state government.

And Today …

A bill currently making its way through the legislative process requires DOA to do additional analysis when state agency property leases come up for renewal or before a new lease.  The bill also forces DCF to plan a headquarters move to Milwaukee County. The bill:

  • Requires cost-benefit analysis for potential savings from relocating agencies prior to leasing or re-leasing property
  • Requires three lease options, two of which must be outside Dane and Milwaukee county, and where that agency provides most services
  • Requires DCF to plan to move from Madison to Milwaukee County taking into account cost of relocation, location options, and an implementation timeline.

AB-66 / SB-65

  • Authors: Rep. Sanfelippo (R-New Berlin), Sen. Craig (R-Town of Vernon)
  • Current status: AB-66 passed the Assembly Government Accountability Committee on a 6-2 vote and is currently in Joint Finance. SB-65 was heard in the Senate Government Operations Committee in mid-April.
  • Release: Craig, Kapenga; Reps. Sanfelippo, Hutton.