WHEELERweek – 06/17/17 Conference Committees

As published by The Wheeler Report – 03/10/1995…

The Senate passed the $3-billion transportation bill on Tuesday, sending the measure back to the Assembly for action on amendments. The bill passed 22-10. The measure does not include any increase in the state gasoline tax. The Assembly voted on Thursday not to concur with Senate amendments on a 68-27 vote. The Assembly requested a Conference Committee and appointed Reps. Brancel, Foti and Hubler. The Senate appointed Sens. Weeden, Lasee and Risser to the committee. Weeden will chair the Committee. The Senate adopted a motion to refer the committee report to the Assembly first.

The bill (AB-557) was introduced by Rep. Brancel on September 12, 1995 at the request of Gov. Thompson. In this session, the transportation budget was introduced as separate legislation from the remainder of the state budget.

A previous version of the 1995 transportation bill was AB-402, introduced on May 24, 1995, it died in the Assembly Rules Committee.

On November 14, the Conference Committee met and adopted the transportation report.  The Assembly adopted the report on November 14. The Senate followed, adopting the report on November 16.

Governor Thompson approved the committee report, with partial vetoes, on December 12, 1995.

The remainder of the 1995-96 state budget (AB-150) was signed earlier, with partial vetoes, and published on July 28, 1995

And Today …

There have been 10 Conference Committees formed to deal with the state budget since 1971.  The Conference Committee in 1995 is not included since it was separate legislation on the transportation portion of the budget.

According to Legislative Reference Bureau:

  • Democrat and Republican governor’s split evenly with 5 each
  • 6 were with split Houses
  • 2 Democrats controlled both Houses with a Republican governor
  • 2 Democrats controlled both Houses and the Governor’s office

Complete data courtesy LRB

Please note:

  • The 1971 Conference Committee was unable to agree, so an alternative budget bill was introduced and passed.
  • The makeup of the Joint Finance Committee in 1975 was 7 representatives and 5 senators. The JFC composition changed in May of 1975 to 7 members from each house. The present Joint Finance Committee makeup of 8 members per house is a result of 1985 Act 2.