2016 Capitol Ornament Unveiled

Today in the Assembly Parlor, DOA Deputy Secretary Cate Zeuske, WI Supreme Court Chief Justice Roggensack, and Director of the Wisconsin Historical Foundation Dave Wilder unveiled the 2016 Capitol Ornament. The 2016 ornament depicts the Wisconsin Supreme Court Hearing Room.

Zeuske started the press conference by introducing the ornament collection and talking about the Capitol Restoration Fund.  The ornaments started in 2004, making the 2016 ornament the 13th in a series all centered on the Wisconsin State Capitol. The restoration fund has received over $70,000 from the sale of the ornaments.  One of the projects funded by the ornament sales is the visitor’s viewing box on the trumpeter’s ring in the dome.watch Southpaw film online now

Supreme Court Chief Justice Roggensack highlighted the uniqueness of the Supreme Court Hearing Room. Roggensack discussed how each painting in the hearing room highlights a different part of the judicial system in Wisconsin. Roggensack told the media to pay particular attention to the painting in the ornament, the ‘Signing of the Constitution’ and encouraged people to go to the chambers and see it in person.  Roggensack said she is pleased that this year’s ornament highlights the Supreme Court Hearing Room and help to share information about the Wisconsin judicial system.

Wilder said the role of the Wisconsin Historical Society is to allow people and places to share their Wisconsin story with others. Wilder said the Capitol is certainly one of those stories that deserves to be told, and the Historical Society and Foundation are happy to continue the tradition of the ornaments.

Wilder was asked about purchasing past ornaments, to which he responded, “We are looking into making previous ornaments available.” Previous ornaments include:

  • 2004: State Capitol.
  • 2005: Miss Wisconsin.
  • 2006: State Capitol Dome.
  • 2007: State Capitol with Tree.
  • 2008: State Capitol with State Seal.
  • 2009: State Capitol with Tulips.
  • 2010: Picture in the top of the dome.
  • 2011: State Capitol with Old Abe.
  • 2012: Liberty Mural in the Capitol Dome.
  • 2013: First Floor View of the Chamber Entrance.
  • 2014: State Assembly Chambers.
  • 2015: Capitol Door Knob.

The ornament will be available for purchase next week at Orange Tree Imports, Wisconsin Historical Museum, State Capitol Tours, Tis the Season, Monona Terrace and the Executive Residence.