#LocalGovMatters – Dr. Charles Franklin and the Marquette poll

Election season has started and people are engaged – that’s according to Dr. Charles Franklin of Marquette University. Dr. Franklin does the Marquette Law School Poll; this week he talks to Gwyn on #LocalGovMatters to discuss the poll and his process.

Dr. Franklin begins the podcast explaining how he got to be the person directing the Marquette Law School Poll. Dr. Franklin says he firmly believes that public opinion matters, and that’s the basis behind why and how he does the Marquette Law School Poll. Dr. Franklin explains how they go about gathering the information, how he makes sure the information is truly representative of the State of Wisconsin in terms of demographics, and why it’s important to him that the interviews be done by a person and not a robotic call.

When asked to discuss some of the trends he is seeing in Wisconsin, Dr. Franklin starts by offering that right now Wisconsinites are engaged, and engaged at a level he doesn’t usually see until weeks prior to an election. Dr. Franklin said people are watching and people are interested. In addition, Dr. Franklin highlights that while most political groups in Wisconsin have more or less stayed the same, the one group that has had a significant increase is uneducated (meaning nothing past high school) white men, and they are increasingly identifying as Republican.

Dr. Franklin highlights that he believes the Marquette Law School Poll accurately reflects real world events, and offers an example of how a real life event that happened during his polling time impacted the polling.

The Marquette Law School Poll will post its next poll in September, and will likely be monthly after that. Stay tuned!