#LocalGovMatters – Government Social Media

Gwyn took the opportunity to travel to the City of Appleton and interview Chad Doran, the Communications Director for Appleton for this week’s #LocalGovMatters podcast.

Chad is a former reporter, so he had a strong background in communication prior to taking the job, but he offers great advice to local government communication professionals everywhere.

Chad said the more social media he does for his community, the more people want. Chad discussed using social media platforms to keep the public safe during a recent round of strong storms, as well as keeping the media informed so they could do their jobs better. Chad highlighted that he gets social media interactions from people in neighboring communities that don’t have their own local social media and communications professionals.

Chad runs a very popular “What’s your question Wednesday?” where he takes questions on social media and interacts with the public. Chad said he gets questions all over the board and covering most topics you can think about.

Chad suggests that people shouldn’t be afraid to engage and be personable. Chad also recommends that when local governments start a social media program they have a plan, including who will be posting (not your interns), when they will be posting, how to interact, when to interact, and how to address hostility online.