#LocalGovMatters – Economic Development

This week on #LocalGovMatters Gwyn interviews Tricia Braun, the Deputy Secretary of the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation.

The podcast starts out with Tricia explaining what the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation does and why it’s important. She explains that the agency is designed to “help people, businesses, and communities thrive in a global and competitive environment… We work to make our communities more lively, more economically stable, more enriched and we do that by working through our businesses and partners throughout the state.”

The conversation continues by discussing talent attraction and retention. Tricia discusses how WEDC works with other agencies, and through their collaboration with the technical colleges and universities in Wisconsin. She highlights that WEDC plays a large role in making sure people know about the opportunities that available in Wisconsin beyond just jobs in an effort to help make Wisconsin look attractive to people who would consider moving here. Wisconsin is more than just beer, cheese and the Packers. WEDC started their talent attraction and retention focus on three areas: Millennials, transitioning veterans, and alumni.

The second part of the podcast starts by highlighting the importance of local government and local projects. Tricia explains how WEDC works with local government, local communities, and local economic development organizations. Tricia highlights some of the WEDC programs like Idle Industrial Site Grants program, Site Assessments and Brownfield Grants, Main Street and Connect Communities programs, Historical Tax Credit.

Tricia discusses WEDC’s upcoming Marketplace conference in Milwaukee October 23-24 at Potawatomi Hotel and Conference Center in Milwaukee.

The last part of the podcast Tricia discusses the use of tax incentives, tax breaks and grants to businesses. She specifically discusses that Wisconsin is competing in a global market and government needs to focus on helping businesses to locate to, or continue to operate in, Wisconsin. Tricia discusses the methods used to determine what can be done to help businesses and projects.

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