#LocalGovMatters – An Economic Evolution

This week on #LocalGovMatters, Gwyn talks with Dale Knapp, Director of Forward Analytics. Forward Analytics released a report last week titled, “An Economic Evolution – Job Growth, Pay & Education Since 2012.

The podcast starts out with Gwyn asking Dale about the research and the methods he used to collect and analyze the data.

The second part of the podcast is a discussion about the data – and contrary to what you might think, the most job growth is not in the service industry or the lowest pay wage sector – it’s in the highest sector in STEM fields with higher education degrees.

The last section of the podcast Gwyn was given the opportunity to be introduced to Dale’s intern Jack Votava. Jack talks a little about the research he’s been working on and when it might be coming out. (Please note Jack has #LocalGovMatters socks #Socksaretrending).