#LocalGovMatters – “LIve” – 100 Days of An Administration

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This week Gwyn hosts the podcast “Live” from The Post Restaurant at the Park Hotel (or as many of us call it – the Inn on the Park) with guests: Gov. Tommy Thompson, Gov. Jim Doyle, Rep. Jeannette Bell and retired WIBA News Reporter John Colbert.

The group starts off the podcast talking about why the First 100 Days of an Administration are important. They former governors discuss setting up an office, getting staff, preparing a budget, and setting the tone. Both governors emphasized that they were in the same situation at Gov. Evers is in – the chambers were both controlled by the opposite party and they had to learn to work together. Rep. Bell discussed being a new legislator and learning her role as a legislator as well as learning to deal with an administration. Colbert talked about learning the new administration staff and building a mutual relationship with them.

The group then discussed changes they have seen between their administration and the new administration. Rep. Bell and Gov. Thompson both talked about parties working together and emphasized the importance of cross-party friendships off the legislative floor. The biggest change – the media. Gov. Doyle discussed how the media role started changing during his tenure and the biggest change he saw was the “gotcha-journalism” that revolved around Georgia Thompson. Gov. Thompson highlighted the importance of a strong relationship with the members of the press corps. This quickly led into a discussion of the press corps v. Governor’s office softball games that used to occur prior to the Walker administration.

The podcast was closed out with everyone sharing their favorite stories about Dick Wheeler and working in the capitol.

Thank you to our panel of guests for such a fun show. Thank you to the Park Hotel for hosting and to The Post staff for making the event great! Thank you to the League of Municipalities and the Wisconsin Counties Association for collaborating on this podcast, and most of all thank you to Jackie Johnson for taking a “live” podcast held in a noisy bar and turning into a great show.