#LocalGovMatters – Human Trafficking

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This week Gwyn is joined by Matt Joy, Wisconsin Human Trafficking Bureau Director at Wisconsin Dept. of Justice. The podcast starts out with some basic information on what Human Trafficking is and what it is not. DOJ has a great information sheets on their website on understanding Human Trafficking.

Gwyn asks Matt specifically about the differences between smuggling and trafficking. (Read more here)

In the second part of the podcast Gwyn and Matt talk about the reality of Human Trafficking being in all 72 counties in Wisconsin. Matt discusses how DOJ works with local law enforcement on efforts to stop trafficking and public awareness of the problem.

Gwyn asks about the victims and survivors of Human Trafficking and who is likely to be prey to traffickers. (Pay attention here – girls are being trafficked at age 13 – and they are easily manipulated by traffickers especially on the internet and social media.)

Gwyn and Matt finish off the episode by discussing what people should do – STOP AND STARE!