#LocalGovMatters -Paper Industry in WI

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This week on #LocalGovMatters Gwyn talks with Sen. Tom Tiffany and Wisconsin Paper Council President Scott Suder about the paper industry in Wisconsin.

The podcast starts with Scott talking about Wisconsin Paper Council and its members. The Paper industry has been in Wisconsin since 1848 when paper made from rags, straw and waste paper was first manufactured in Milwaukee to supply newsprint for newspapers. By the 1940s, the paper industry was the third largest industry in the state. UW Stevens Point is one of less than a dozen schools in the nation to have a program dedicated to paper science engineering.

Sen. Tiffany discusses the creation of the new Wisconsin Paper Caucus. Here’s some recent media on the Caucus:
Wisconsin Public Radio: State Legislators Create New Paper Caucus
Wisconsin Technology Council: WPC Applauds Creation of the Wisconsin Paper Caucus
WSAU: Lawmakers Back Creation of Wisconsin Paper Caucus
Rep. Krug/Rep. Shankland Release: Legislators Announce Bipartisan Wisconsin Paper Caucus

Three talk about water quality issues in Wisconsin and the impact on and by the paper industry. Suder says water is vital to the paper industry and they want to be a part of the discussions. Tiffany emphasized that the paper industry has done a lot in northern Wisconsin to clean the river ways and make them passage and usable.

In the final segment of the podcast Gwyn asks about impacts on local government. Suder quickly discusses the role the paper industry plays in philanthropy, its workforce support, and the tax base the industry brings to local governments. Tiffany ends the podcast talking about the transportation needs of the paper industry and what he may be looking at for the 2019-21 budget.