#LocalGovMatters – Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes

Gwyn manages to publish a second podcast this week – this time she interview Lt. Governor Mandela Barnes.

Gwyn starts off the interview by asking the Lt. Governor what he sees his role to be.

Next Gwyn asks the Lt. Governor to discuss the Governor’s budget.

On Transportation : When asked about the gas tax increase and the GOP’s proposal to discuss tolling, “A toll is a tax.”

On Dark Stores: Barnes highlights the driving force being the local governments. (League Dark Stores Information page).

On K-12: Important to commit to 2/3 funding.

On School Choice: A call for accountability.

On Higher Education: Costs for higher education are a hindrance to economic development and a loss in intellectual capital.

On Student Debt: Discusses funding the freeze and allowing students to refinance.

On First-time Home Buyers proposal: Home ownership is a pathway to building wealth.

On Marijuana: “It’s about time we had the discussion.”

On Redistricting: Gerrymandered districts are “Oxygen of the current majority.”

Thank you to the podcast partners: Wisconsin Counties Association and League of Wisconsin Municipalities.

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