#LocalGovMatters – Chocolate

This week in anticipation of Valentine’s Day – Gwyn interviews Syovata Edari – a Master Chocolatier and owner of the recently opened CocoVaa on E. Washington Ave in Madison.

Syovata started her professional career as a public defender, and after years in the court room found herself making and selling chocolate on the side. Eventually her hobby became her life and she loves it.

In the second portion of the podcast, Syovata talks about the different kinds of chocolate, the different flavors, and the importance of the chocolate process. It’s a fascinating discussion on how so many factors can affect the taste of chocolate.

Syovata finishes out the podcast by talking about what she looks for in chocolate. Shelf life can be a hint sometimes.

When you have the chance, stop into CocoVaa on E. Washington Avenue in Madison. Hours – Friday, 10-6, Saturday, 10-6, Sunday, 10-5. You can also buy her chocolates online at https://www.cocovaa.com/

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!