#LocalGovMatters – City v. County

The snow may have kept the #LocalGovMatters crew from meeting in person at the studio, but it didn’t keep them from recording a podcast.

Photo Credit: Trevor Guenther

Gwyn talks, by phone, with Jon Hockhammer, the Outreach Manager for the Wisconsin Counties Association, and Curt Witynski, the Deputy Director of the League of Wisconsin Municipalities.

The three start off the podcast talking about the definitions of Cities, Villages and Counties. (Here’s a great resource from the League of WI Municipalities on Cities and Villages, and a great resource from the Wisconsin Counties Association on County Government.)

In the second part of the podcast, Curt and Jon dive into the differences between City Administrators and Mayors, or County Executives and County Administrators. (There’s also a thing called the County Administrator Coordinator).

The three also talk about revenues – specifically where do cities and villages get their revenues – or in the case of the county, where do they get their revenue. (Shared Revenue, Transportation Aids, and local taxes are the big ones)

Finally, the three close out the snow impacted podcast by talking about how cities and villages expand, and what collaborations the counties work on with other units of government.