#LocalGovMatters – WI Chiefs of Police

Gwyn welcomes Greg Leck, City of Stoughton Police Chief and Legislative Co-Chair of the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police and Bernie Coughlin, City of Verona Police Chief and Legislative Co-Chair of the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police to #LocalGovMatters this week.

The three sat down at the Inn on the Park over coffee where Chief Leck and Chief Coughlin start out the podcast by explaining the Wisconsin Chiefs of Police organization and what they hope to do while in the capitol doing a legislative day.

Chiefs Leck and Coughlin talk about some of the legislative priorities for the Chiefs of Police for the 2019-20 legislative session, including: health insurance of the families of fallen officers, mental health transports, revenue cap carve-outs for protective services, and OWI (it’s not just alcohol).

The podcast ends with a eye-opening discussion on the increased rate of suicide among police officers, and the Chiefs desire to address the need for mental health.

Thank you to Chief Greg Leck and Chief Bernie Coughlin for being a part of the podcast. Thanks to the League of Wisconsin Municipalities and the Wisconsin Counties Association for their continued partnership on the podcast. Thank you to Jackie Johnson for her excellent sound editing (And this week we needed it – who knew the City of Madison would have two leaf blowers out at 8 am on a Thursday in January).

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