#LocalGovMatters – Governor-elect Evers

This week on #LocalGovMatters Gwyn sits down with Governor-elect Evers to talk about his transition, his upcoming budget, and his thoughts on Wisconsin.

Gwyn starts off her interview with Governor-elect Evers by asking him to reflect on his career and what brought him to a place that he decided to run for Governor of the State of Wisconsin. She follows up with a question about transitioning from being a candidate, to being the Governor-elect.  (Drinking from a fire-hose are most candidate’s responses).

Gwyn quickly moves into a discussion of the topics.  Since Gwyn has done several podcasts and stories on the issue, she asks questions about public defender pay, criminal justice funding, and corrections.

As a follow up to the Agricultural Series written by the Wheeler Report over the summer and fall, Gwyn asks the Governor-elect to comment on President Trump’s tariffs and the health of the agricultural industry in Wisconsin. (Economic development in Wisconsin.)

Dark Stores was next on the interview agenda, and Governor-elect Evers was clear he thinks the issue needs to be addressed.

Road funding was a big issue in the 2018 campaigns, and Governor-elect Evers made it clear that the issue needs to be studied, all options need to be on the table, and proposals need to be more than just funding roads, they need to include harbors, bridges, and rail.

Redistricting is next in the interview and Governor-elect Evers was clear that anything less than a fair map will be vetoed.  He said he will work with experts to determine what is a fair map, but said if the maps don’t represent the people of Wisconsin, they will be vetoed.

Gwyn goes back to an issue Evers addressed as a superintendent and asks him to weigh in on that issue now. (Listen to the podcast to find our what that issue is.)

Gwyn closes out the interview by asking what the Governor-elect thinks is special about the State of Wisconsin and it’s people. Governor-elect Evers concludes by saying that his favorite place in Wisconsin is still his hometown of Plymouth.