#LocalGovMatters – NEWaukee and Young Professionals

This week Gwyn is joined by Angela Damiana, the CEO of NEWaukee, to talk about how businesses can work with and recruit young professionals to their companies.

Angela begins the podcast by explaining what NEWaukee is.  Angela explains that the organization helps business to business (B2B) companies interact with, recruit and retain young professionals. When Gwyn compared their activities to activities on college campuses for students getting ready to graduate, Angela quickly said this is similar, but for people who aren’t in college anymore and want to interact with other business professionals and learn about new businesses and companies.

Angela spent some time talking about the Young Professionals Summit. The NEWaukee website says, “YPWeek is a week long platform for discovery, adventure, and meaningful conversations about the issues that matter among young professionals. YPWeek brings together key leaders in the community, at purposefully chosen locations that integrate the unique cultural assets with meaningful learning or social interaction. The activities engage the millennial workforce in experiences that are important to you as a YP while educating your employers on the important role these functions play in retaining you as their workforce.” The next summit is  October 13-14, 2018 at Hudson Business Lounge, 310 E Buffalo St, Milwaukee.

Gwyn made sure to ask specific questions about what Wisconsin communities could do to help recruit young professionals to their communities (Article on the State of Young Professionals in Wisconsin mentioned by Gwyn).  Angela’s advice, Stop thinking about what you aren’t or what you don’t have, and emphasize what you do have.  Angela said not every community is going to have great new restaurants, but some people want land to hunt on, or communities with good schools.  Angela said – talk about what you have.

Gwyn and Angela also talked about young professionals and flexibility with jobs and work/life integration. Angela said businesses need to stop thinking that they are recruiting someone who is going to be loyal to the company for the next 20-30 years.  Angela emphasized that companies need to offer what employees need to get the most productivity out of their workers, not the most office hours.

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Thank you to The League of Wisconsin Municipalities and Wisconsin Counties Association for working with me on this podcast.  And thanks to Jackie Johnson for doing all our sound editing.