#LocalGovMatters – Wheel Tax (Local Vehicle Registration Fees)

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This week on #LocalGovMatters, Gwyn is joined by Craig Thompson, Executive Director of the Transportation Development Association of Wisconsin and Jon Johnson, the Highway Commissioner for Eau Claire County.

The three start off by explaining what a wheel tax is and why they are being used for county and municipal road maintenance and development. The DOT collects the registration and returns the funds to the taxing identity. List of current wheel taxes. Jon talks about why Eau Claire County just adopted a $30 wheel tax which will start in 2019. Jon talks about the issues the County was having with its budget and its ability to maintain the roads.

Both Craig and Jon talk about the life cycle of roads when they are designed, and what the life cycle of roads has become.  Jon highlights that some roads that were designed to last 20-30 years are currently on their 40th year and aren’t scheduled to be replaced because the budget isn’t there to do it.

NCSL Listing of vehicle registration by state.