#LocalGovMatters – Low Unemployment in Wisconsin

This week on #LocalGovMatters, Gwyn Guenther, President of The Wheeler Report talks with Professor Noah Williams. Professor Williams is a Professor of Economics at UW Madison and the Director of the Center for Research on the Wisconsin Economy (CROWE).

Gwyn and Professor Williams start off by talking about some basic definitions – unemployment, job participation rates, etc.  The two then talk about the low unemployment rate in Wisconsin and what it means for businesses and what it means for potential employees. The two discuss how different parts of Wisconsin are at different unemployment levels and what that means.  Here’s a report CROWE did Economic Performance in Wisconsin Since the Great Recession: A County-Level Analysis.

The two finish the podcast with a look at why comparing Wisconsin’s economy to the economies of other states can be tricky. (Hint – some of it has to do with population centers).  Here’s a recent report by CROWE titled – Evidence on the Effects of Minnesota’s Minimum Wage Increases.

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