Wheelercast – 10/30/17 – Referendum, Non Competes, Centennial Gala

Episode #20.

Gwyn starts off this week’s podcast with a shout-out to her nephew Gunner for his State Cross Country Race.

Next Tuesday 8 different schools are holding 10 different referendum ballots.

District District Name Total Amount Type Brief Description
0287 Barneveld $12,900,000.00 Issue Debt Demolition of the oldest portion of the existing school building; construction of an addition for a new elementary school, music rooms and art rooms; construction of a new secure entrance, cafeteria, commons and kitchen; upgrades to restrooms, HVAC and plumbing and electrical systems.
0287 Barneveld $3,400,000.00 Issue Debt Renovation and expansion of Multi-Purpose gymnasium, addition of a new industrial arts and STEM area, staff/event parking.
1155 Cochrane-Fountain City $7,000,000.00 Issue Debt Initial Resolution Authorizing General Obligation Bonds or Promissory Notes In An Amount Not To Exceed $7,000,000.00
1855 Florence $3,750,000.00 NR – 2018 For continuing operations and maintenance of the district.
1953 Freedom Area $66,700,000.00 Issue Debt New High School and Renovations of current HS/MS and Elementary Schools.
1953 Freedom Area $3,700,000.00 NR – 2020 Non-Recurring Debt Referendum for New High School
3612 Milton $69,900,000.00 Issue Debt Issue general obligation bonds for a District-wide school building and improvement program.
4606 Princeton $2,375,000.00 NR – 2018 Resolution to increase revenue limits for operational needs.
5733 Three Lakes $15,463,935.00 NR – 2018 To Exceed Revenue Limit by 3,092,787 per year for five years for non-recurring purposes
5852 Union Grove UHS $7,875,000.00 Issue Debt Construction of an agricultural building and greenhouse on land owned by the District; remodeling and renovations in the technology education department; improvements to the science classrooms and conversation of a general classroom to a science classroom; construction of an addition for a wellness center with 3 or 4 classrooms located above the wellness center for future expansion; related site improvements; capital and building infrastructure improvements and repairs, acquisition of furnishing, fixtures and equipment.

Rep. Neylon held an informational hearing on restrictive covenants and non compete contracts.  Both he and Rep. Fields are looking at drafting legislation.

Next week Wednesday, the Centennial Celebration Gala will be held in the Capitol.  An open house is being held on Thursday.