The Wheeler Report Launches The Wheelercast Online

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[MADISON…] After covering the Wisconsin State Capitol for 45 years, The Wheeler Report is making it’s first foray into podcasting.
On Monday, Gwyn Guenther, President and CEO of the Wheeler Report launched The Wheelercast, a weekly conversation about the state of policy and politics in the Wisconsin State Capitol.
“The Wheeler Report is committed to nonpartisan coverage of Wisconsin politics. I’ve spent the past 20 years watching the Capitol, and a podcast is a great way to talk about current activities with a historical perspective ” said Guenther. “I plan to spend 15-20 mins a week updating the public on what’s going on, and what they can expect in the week ahead.
With more than 20 years experience covering state government in Madison, Guenther’s institutional memory and professionalism stand out in any medium. The Wheeler Report was founded in 1972 by Guenther’s father, Dick Wheeler. The Press Room in the State Capitol is named in his honor.
In addition to the free podcast, the Wheeler Report offers a free email update every weekday to those who press the subscribe button at, as well as blog postings on legislation and interviews with people in and around government.  Additional subscription services are available.  Contact for a product listing and additional information.
The Wheelercast is produced by Edge Messaging, LLC, a strategic communications firm in Brookfield, and is co-hosted by the company’s president, Brian Fraley.
Audio link to the inaugural episode of The Wheelercast:  Episode #1.